Child Inclusive Mediation – Does it work?

November 20, 2023

Should I include my child in mediation and What are Its Benefits?

Divorce and separation are never easy. It can be extremely difficult for the spouses, but it is even harder for their children. One of the ways parents can make the situation less traumatic for their children is by choosing child inclusive mediation. This method involves including the children in the decision-making process in a safe and structured way. At trusted mediators understanding the complexity of mediation we will discuss what the process is and what benefits it can offer.

This is a process where our professional mediators work with the divorcing couple and their children, to help determine what arrangements would be best for the children. During the mediation, the children are given a chance to express their views and opinions about the situation. Our mediators with many years of experience work to ensure the children feel comfortable with the process and that they understand that their opinions and feelings matter.

At the beginning of the mediation process, our mediators usually meet privately with the children. Typically, these sessions are designed to address the children’s concerns, to help them prepare for the mediation sessions, and to make them feel heard and understood.

Then, the children will be invited to participate in the mediation sessions with their parents. This creates a supportive environment where everyone has a chance to express their thoughts and feelings, and where potential solutions are discussed and negotiated. Contact us today to find out more.

Benefits of Child Mediation

The process can offer several benefits for the children and their parents. First of all, it ensures that the needs and interests of the children are prioritized. Everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns, and the results of the mediation take these into consideration.

With all our mediation sessions the process is confidential, which means that the children can express themselves without fear of retribution or of having their thoughts used against them.

Second, it can be less stressful and less expensive than going through the courts. The mediation sessions are designed to be respectful and constructive, which means that the parents can avoid the bitterness and hostility that often arises in the court process. Meanwhile, the cost of mediation is usually much lower than the cost of hiring lawyers and attending court. See our fees here.

Thirdly we have found it can improve the relationship between the parents. Because the process is less adversarial and more cooperative, it can help the parents work together in the future. We find this is especially important when it comes to issues like co-parenting and making decisions about the children’s well-being. If you have any further questions rgarding co-parenting get in touch today.

Fourth, child-inclusive mediation can improve the well-being of the children involved. Children who are included in the decision-making process often feel less anxious and more in control of their lives. They are also more likely to feel heard and understood, which can help them adjust to the new family dynamic.

At Trusted Mediators we believe child inclusive mediation can be an effective and beneficial way for parents and their children to navigate the often difficult and emotional process of separation and divorce. By prioritizing the needs and interests of the children, engaging in respectful and constructive conversations, and seeking to find solutions that work for everyone, parents can minimize the negative impact of their separation on their children.

If you are considering separation or divorce and want to learn more about child inclusive mediation, don’t hesitate to seek out to our qualified and experienced mediators who can help you in the process.